Certified ROI Marketer® Program – Preview Video

Duration: around 8 minutes

To give you as comprehensive a preview as possible, we’ve divided this Preview Video into 4 sections:
1) About the Fournaise Marketing Performance Institute® (FMPI)
2) Certified ROI Marketer® Program – who it is for and how it is delivered
3) Certified ROI Marketer® Program – Curriculum: what the Program Master will cover in about <35 hours
4) Certified ROI Marketer® Program – Snapshot of one of the actual Video Lectures

It’s Real Marketing ROI Taught By
Real ROI Marketers® With Track Record™

This Exclusive ROI Marketer® Certification Program covers:

  • 4 Program Modules with 30+ Video Lectures
  • 200+ Statistics
  • 40+ Must-Know Formulae & KPIs
  • 50+ (Real) Examples & Case Studies from Around the World, including Billabong, Adidas, JC Penney, Carrefour, Puma and Canon

Program Curriculum | Program Master

Study Online In <35 Hours With Our Personalised
Self-Service eLearning Platform available 24/7

100% eLearning-based, our Certification Programs are designed with flexibility and convenience in mind, for busy Marketing, Business & Advertising professionals and students. All you need is a computer or tablet and an internet connection and you are set to go.

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