Get Certified In 3 Steps (& Less Than 35 Hours)

100% eLearning-based, our Exclusive ROI Marketer® Certification Program is designed with flexibility & convenience in mind, for busy Marketing, Business & Advertising professionals and students. In fact becoming a Certified ROI Marketer® is as easy as 1-2-3: (1) Register Online, (2) Watch the Video Lectures, (3) Take the Certification Exam.
The Program Modules should take you less than 35 hours to complete and the Certification Exam around 48-72 hours. You can study at your own place and pace: go fast or take your time - it's entirely up to you. Just make sure you complete the Program and sit for the Certification Exam within 6 months of your signing up for it – giving you plenty of time to organise yourself.

1 Register Online

As soon as you have successfully registered and
paid for the Program fees, you will receive your
User ID & Password to login to our class-leading
Personalised Self-Service eLearning Platform called
the "ROI Marketer® Certification Centre (or RMCC)"
– accessible online 24/7.

For your convenience, we propose 2 payment options:

  • Pay yourself by credit card
  • Get your company to sponsor you

We accept:

2Login & Watch the ROI Marketer® Video Lectures
At Your Own Place & Pace

  • Our Exclusive Certified ROI Marketer® Program
    is made of 4 Modules and 30+ Video Lectures –
    It contains 200+ Statistics, 40+ Must-Know Formulae & KPIs and 50+ (Real) Examples and  Case Studies from Around the World
  • Each Video Lecture covers a specific ROI Marketing topic based on our Certification Curriculum
  • Interact with your Program Master whenever you want, with our “Ask Your Program Master” Function: ask questions at any time, and the Program Master will respond to you in full privacy (all questions and answers are private, i.e. just between you and the Program Master)

3 Take The Certification Exam

The Exam consists of 2 components:

A) Theory Test (Online)

  • The Theory Test is designed to test your knowledge and application of the principles, concepts and case studies you have learnt in the different Modules
  • You will be given a set of questions, problems
    and challenges
  • You will have to answer them on the spot, online, within the allocated time

B) Written Assignment
    (Prepared Offline, Submitted Online)

  • The Written Assignment is designed to test how you apply the knowledge you gained from the different Modules & Video Lectures to real-life Marketing scenarios and situations
  • You will be given a topic for your
    Written Assignment
  • You will have 48 hours to complete your Written Assignment and submit it online (in PDF, using Powerpoint or Word)

Your ROI Marketer® Certification Level

will be a function of your ROI Marketer® Certification Score

Your ROI Marketer® Certification Score from 0 to 100

  • 0 to 50


  • 50 to 75

    ROI Marketer®

    Savvy "1-Star" Level

  • 75 to 90

    ROI Marketer®

    Pro "3-Star" Level

  • 90 to 100

    ROI Marketer®

    Elite "5-Star" Level

Our Examiners are Marketing Performance & ROI Experts

Our Examiners are Marketing Effectiveness Tracking & Boosting (METB) Experts who have been practising for more than 20 years across 20 countries worldwide, in B2C and B2B: for Fortune 500 corporations, Large companies and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). They have METB & Marketing ROI track record in more than 13 vertical industries: they've seen hands-on and Performance-Tracked which Marketing Strategies & Ads work, which ones do not, across what type of media (traditional, digital, mobile, direct, social), where, when and most importantly why. They’ve been advising Marketers on what to do to generate better business results. They have Track Record.