Study At Your Own Pace & Place

With our Personalised Self-Service eLearning Platform available 24/7

100% eLearning-based, our Certification Programs are designed with flexibility and convenience in mind, for busy Marketing, Business & Advertising professionals and students. All you need is a computer or tablet and an internet connection and you are set to go.

1Our Personalised Self-Service eLearning Platform: Study & Interact with your Program Masters

  • Our Personalised Self-Service eLearning Platform is available  24/7, enabling you to login and study whenever you want, at your convenience
  • Go through the Modules one by one, watch (and re-watch) the theme/topic Video Lectures of the Certification Program you've selected, take your Certification Exam online: everything is done to make it easy for you
  • Have questions regarding a Video Lecture, a topic or theme? Ask your Program Masters and they will reply to you as fast as they can, in full privacy (your questions and our Program Masters' answers are private, i.e. just between you and us)
  • Our Program Masters and METB Experts are involved in the Performance-Tracking of 2.5+ million Marketing Strategies & Ads each year, across 20 countries worldwide, 13 vertical industries and 18 languages, across all Media Types (traditional, digital, mobile, in-store etc), and in B2C & B2B. Therefore, whatever had to be seen in the world of All-Media Marketing Effectiveness Tracking & Boosting (METB), they have seen it – enabling you to get the "Real Marketing ROI" feedback and answers from some of the industry's best who have Real Marketing Performance and ROI Track Record, worldwide

2Our Certification Programs Usually Take
Less Than 35 hours to Complete (Exam Excluded)

  • We understand you may be busy, and that time is a luxury. That's why the Modules & Video Lectures of our Certification Programs usually take Candidates less than 35 hours to be completed (while our Certification Exam usually takes 48-72 hours). And that's why we've designed our Certification Programs to give you all the time you need to complete them
  • So go fast or take your time to complete each Module – it's entirely up to you: you can decide to complete all the Modules in one go in 7 days, or you can study bit by bit, Video Lecture by Video Lecture over a 3-month period for example – you control your own timing
  • Just make sure you complete the Certification Program you selected within 6 months of your registering for it