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Differentiate Yourself From Other Marketers – 4 Reasons Why

There are 2 types of Marketers:

  • The Traditional Marketers (80% of Marketers out there – who are more art- than science-driven, and essentially believe their job is about branding, creativity, the next big idea, social media and digital)
  • The ROI Marketers® (the balance 20%), who have understood that it's all about performance and that it's all about generating more customer demand for their products/services. ROI Marketers® embrace accountability and are 360-degree Performance Machines Trained to Deliver (Real) Business Results: More Sales, More Market Share, More Prospects, More Conversions™

1 85% of CEOs Want ROI Marketers®

  • CEOs have been saying the same thing again and again: they have to deliver shareholder value, they want business performance, they want tangible results, they want top line and bottom line growth, they want ROI Marketers® (but have great difficulties finding and hiring these rare pearls)
  • That's one of the key conclusions identified by our parent company, The Fournaise Marketing Group, one of the world's leading Marketing Effectiveness Tracking & Boosting (METB) companies (and the force behind the Fournaise Marketing Performance Institute®) through its Global Marketing Effectiveness Programs – in which it regularly tracks the insights of and keeps its fingers on the pulse of more than 1,200 Large corporation and SMB CEOs and top decision-makers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia

2 73% of CEOs Think Marketers Lack Business Credibility (unless they are ROI Marketers®)

CEOs around the world believe that Traditional Marketers:

  • Are not (and don't know how to be) the business growth generators they should be
  • Don't speak the P&L (business) language of their top management and stakeholders
  • Don't track enough and can't prove enough the actual business effectiveness of all the Marketing Strategies and Campaigns they deploy (and therefore can't optimise enough their Marketing budgets)
  • Don't think enough of ROI, causing Marketing to be perceived more as a cost centre than a revenue generator
  • Are too disconnected from the short-, medium- and long-term financial realities of companies

3 7 Top Issues CEOs have with Traditional Marketers

They keep on talking about brand, brand values, brand equity and other similar parameters that their top management has great difficulties linking back to results that really matter: revenue, sales, EBIT or even market valuation (77%)

They focus too much on the latest marketing trends such as social media, because they believe they represent the new marketing frontiers – but can rarely demonstrate how these trends will help them generate more business for the company (74%)

When asked to increase their Marketing ROI, they tend to understand it as cost cutting through better economies of scale or negotiations with their third-party partners and agencies, instead of top-line growth generation: more revenue, more sales, more prospects, more buyers (73%)

They are always asking for more money, but can rarely explain how much incremental business this money will generate (72%)

They bombard their stakeholders with marketing data that hardly relate to or mean anything for the company's P&L (70%)

Unlike CFOs and Sales Forces, they don't think enough like businesspeople: they focus too much on the creative, "arty" and "fluffy" side of marketing and not enough on its business science, and rely too much on their ad agencies to come up with the next big idea (67%)

They are focused on the latest marketing technologies (such as marketing automation, lead management and CRM) but are still failing to deliver (and prove they deliver) the level of incremental customer demand expected of them (66%)

4 ROI Marketers® Climb the Corporate Ladder Faster than Traditional Marketers

  • CEOs value that ROI Marketers® embrace accountability
  • CEOs praise ROI Marketers® for putting in place the all-round performance-tracking and performance-boosting teams, systems and processes to push their strategies, products, customer value propositions (CVPs), ad campaigns and activities to deliver better (measurable and tangible) customer demand generation results
  • CEOs admit that unlike Traditional Marketers, business-savvy ROI Marketers® have a solid influence within their organisations, are more trusted by the top management, are perceived as key players when it comes to revenue/profit generation, and have been identified to be groomed for bigger things